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Does your son or daughter need help with their high school algebra, trigonometry or calculus homework?  Is your student having trouble understanding the teacher and keeping up in class?  Does your student tell you they understand the work but then don't do well on the test?


If any of these questions sound familiar, then your student may benefit from working with a private tutor.  I have worked with high school students for over ten years as a private tutor.  I have taught algebra at Ivy Tech Community College and seen first hand how difficult it can be to understand the concepts presented in class, finish the homework correctly and do well on the quizzes and tests for some students.


As a parent, I have watched my own children learn high level math from classroom teachers and need support to get all the ideas and do well on the tests.  I respect and support the classroom teacher in their work with your student.  My goal is to fill in the gap between the student's understanding and the material presented in class.  I will not disparage any classroom teacher, but will instead be a partner in the learning process. 


Ideally, the student will learn everything they need to be successful in the course in class and on their own with homework and study.  When this doesn't happen, I step in and create a bridge for the student to see and understand the missing pieces and go back to class and be successful on homework, tests and quizzes.

The Elkhart Learning Center, Inc. is an Indiana Registered Business and a SubChapter C Corporation for federal tax purposes.  I report all tutoring fees as income for the business and as taxable income for myself.  There are no under-the- table payments here that are not reported as taxable income.  The integrity I demonstrate in business financial matters will be evident in my work with you and your student.

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